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Free your car from microbes, viruses and odors

Odor from the car’s ventilation system is a
well-known problem, but most are unaware
of the reason; accumulation of bacteria and
fungi in the ventilation system.

The ventilation circulates the air, spreading
odor and pathogens, potentially causing
sick-building syndrome; headache,
drowsiness, cold, or more seriously,
bacterial infection and allergic reactions.

(Lee & Jo, 2005).

When the sun raises in the horizon, an oxidation process takes place in the atmosphere that purifies the air.

This process is initiated by the bright light emitted by the sun.
Air Clean Denmark, utilizes the same process of UVC together
with photo-active coating to chemically free purify the air,
inside air
handling units.

of all microbes, fungi and virus are decomposed

Chemical free
no biproducts

with little maintenance


ACD has developed the ACD-One: a small UVC LED light that irradiates accumulated microbe
by disinfecting the car ventilation system. The effect is enhanced by a TiO2-coating based on titaniumoxide. When exposed to UVC, TiO2 generates free radicals, that secomposes microbes, votalic organic compounds such as
NOx and unpleasent odors in a sustainable way.

ACD-One is swiftly installed by drilling a small hole in the cars air handling unit. It is mounted
with a rubber gasket and connected to the cars
primary power supply.

The enhancement of UVC with the
photocatalytic coating and ACD-one’s unique size and shape makes it a disruptive and groundbraking disinfeciton system.

The anti-microbial effect lasts for more than 16 years making it a long-time solution for a fresh
and healthy indoor car environment.

ACD-One is patented in Denmark and has a International patent pending.

ACD-One key features

• Reduces illness and allergies
• Is 100 % chemical free
• Protects you, your family and the environment
• For the sake of your health
• Works for more than 10 years


Mr. Christian Buhelt

Mr. Christian Buhelt

Owner and CEO of AutoCenter Copenhagen

At AutoCenter Copenhagen, we often encounter customers that are troubled with the air from the
cars ventilation system. That is why we have codeveloped ACD-Oneclients a better solution that lasts

Ph.D. Christopher James Lüscher

Ph.D. Christopher James Lüscher

Group CTO at ACT.Global

ACD-One offers a simple, chemical free, and cost-effective modification to common climate systems

Jens-Christian Mackeprang

Jens-Christian Mackeprang

CEO and owner, Air Clean Denmark

The reason why everything is here. The CEO and owner of Air Clean Denmark