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Free your car from microbes, viruses and odors

How does ACD-one work? 

Odor from the car’s ventilation system is a well-known problem in many cars.

The cause of odor nuisance is often bacteria and fungal spores.

The car’s ventilation system circulates the air and spreads bacteria and fungal spores in the car, which can cause unpleasant side effects such as headaches, drowsiness, bacterial infection and allergic reactions, etc.

As the sun rises in the horizon, an oxidation process takes place in the atmosphere which cleanses the air.

This process is started by the bright light emitted by the sun.
Air Clean Denmark, uses the same UVC process together
with photo-active coating consisting of the natural mineral titanium dioxide. Bacterical control without the use of chemicals.

of all microbes, fungi and virus are decomposed

Chemical free
no biproducts

with little maintenance


Airclean Denmark has developed the plug-in module ACD-one, which is a small module with UVC LED light that irradiates viruses, bacteria and fungal spores in the air conditioning system. The effect is optimized by a titanium dioxide coating (TIO2). TIO2 exposed to UVC light produces free radicals that destroys bacteria, viruses and microbes. Microbes’ DNA is destroyed by the UVC light and NOx and unpleasant odors are removed in a natural and sustainable way.

The ACD-one must be installed by professionals at an auto repair shop.

The mounting is quick and is accomplished by drilling a small hole in the car’s air conditioning system, by inserting a small rubber plug where the module is inserted. Then the ACD-One is connected to the car’s main power supply.

Titanium dioxide is coated inside the aircon system, thus creating a photocatalytic coating where the plug-in module is mounted.

The ACD-one module is unique in size and shape, and is a great tool for controlling bacteria in hard to reach places.

Completely without the use of chemicals, and in a natural and environmentally friendly way.

The effect lasts for more than 10 years, making it a long-lasting solution for a healthier indoor car environment.

The ACD-One is patented.

ACD-one key features

• Reduces illness and allergies
• Is 100 % chemical free
• Protects you, your family and the environment
• For the sake of your health
• Works for more than 10 years


Jens-Christian Mackeprang

Jens-Christian Mackeprang

Inventor, CEO and owner, Air Clean Denmark


Christian Buhelt

Christian Buhelt

Inventor, owner of AutoCenter Copenhagen

At AutoCenter Copenhagen, we often encounter customers that are troubled with the air from the
cars ventilation system. That is why we have codeveloped ACD-one to offer our clients a better solution that lasts